Improve SEO Rankings

How to improve SEO ranking with your website.


What is SEO and how does it increase website traffic?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is a discipline of perfecting a website to improve its chances of being found by your audience and shown within the top results on a search page such as Google.

SEO increase the people finding your website organically. Also, organic traffic has the advantage of being people that may never have heard of your brand or company before.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

SEO results are something that are not guaranteed because there is not a set of rules and outcomes. We suggest that any SEO investment should be looked like a long-term investment.

Top rankings can be achieved over time and the results can beat any ROI of other marketing campaigns such as PPC or social media marketing. Search engines use hundreds of factors to rank your webpages content. No website is the same as another and the purpose, style and audience vary completely from one website to another.

Having said that any SEO professional will be able to produce substantial increases within 3 to 6 months. In some cases, some optimizations we have made to clients’ pages has had results within 48hr whilst others have taken more than 3 months. What is important to consider is that all the minor improvements go adding up over time and result in more and more quality traffic over time.

How to get to number 1 on Google using SEO?

We all want to reach googles golden position however it might be easier than you think if you know how. Our SEO campaigns will come up with a strategy depending on your industry and growth plan. One of the first steps is keyword research. This can often find a opportunities that you may have not realised was right in front of you.

The steps we would look at to get you to rank first for a particular page would be firstly see if there is a longtail keyword that could be easier to rank for. For example, “sneakers” is a very broad term and will have a lot of competition. If we were to use “blue men’s running shoes” there is possibly a much better keyword by simply ruling out a lot of the competition and narrowing down the matches for the keyword.

You could also add a location like “Brighton” if that is where your based which would be even more specific. This keyword research can then be included in the product page.

Other important factors are making sure the page has no technical errors, content is unique and gaining high authority backlinks o your site.

What are some tips for search engine optimization?

Some initial SEO tasks to implement are:

  • Google Search Console: This is a free tool from Google. It is important that you step this up with your site and submit your sitemap. This will help google index your site and can give you or your SEO team insights into queries people are using to find you, errors and organic rankings.
  • Keyword Research: without it you have little chance of ranking these days. Finding out what your audience calls your services or products and finding a gap between what larger competitors are ranking for is essential.
  • Create Great Content: Your website needs to have information that your audience find valuable, making sure your information is better than your competitors could be a start. A blog with regular blog posts is great way to add quality content to you site. We can also create content based on research we do on search terms and keywords to bring more organic traffic to your site.
  • H1 and Meta descriptions: Making sure all your pages have H1 or title tags and meta descriptions are all optimized, clear and include your keywords is also important and will help you appear in the search results.
  • Mobile Friendly: Making your website fully responsive and mobile friendly is also something that should not be overlooked as Mobile friendly and User experience are both ranking factors.
  • Link Building: Building back links is probably one of the hardest parts of SEO. Backlink bulding involves getting other relevant and high authoritative website to link back to yours.
  • Internal Linking: It is important to have correct internal links within your site. We also audit this on our clients’ pages and make the necessary improvements.


What is the most important part of SEO?

These days SEO is not just about keywords, there is so much more to consider. We believe that SEO should be a holistic approach to you site. Having said that for any well design website one of the most important parts of SEO must be content creation. SEO without quality content will not result in a significant increase in traffic.

Great content will give you a much better chance to rank for top keywords and topics. In addition to this great content will bring backlinks which  will dramatically increase your pages authority and result in higher rankings.


SEO will increase the amount of traffic to your site. A SEO professional will be able to audit your website and come up with a strategy including content creation as well as optimizing your website to make you rank on the first page for your products or services. We trust some of our SEO tips can help you on your journey to the first page.

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