Learn how Quickbox tripled organic revenue with our SEO services!

With N-hance Consulting manageing their SEO, Quickbox revenue grew month by month, gaining new clients and larger orders.

300% YOY Organic revenue growth

A bit about Quickbox

Located in Grimsby, Quickbox is a family business that manufactures customized cardboard boxes. There website makes ordering boxes simple, fast and hassle free. They also have a state of the art online box calculator that not only gives you immediate prices it also gives you the next two price breaks so that you can be sure to get the best deal.

All their boxes are 100% recyclable and manufactured from renewable sources.

They also offer digital printing on boxes giving their clientes the ability to create a box the exact size to fit thier product and eliminate waste, reduce space and save money.

Quickbox website

The Challenge

Quickboxes website is the life blood of their business. Looking to grow their sales online, they choose N-hance Consulting to take their digital marketing forward.

We could immediately see that we could provide value! We sat down with the owners and drew up a plan to grow their revenue with SEO.

The strategy

Once we had discovered the products that Quickbox wanted to promote we created new fully optimized product pages. These pages ranking started to grow over the next months. In addition we drew up a content plan to create supporting and relevant content for Quickboxes clients.

We also ran a complete technical SEO audit on the website and fixed all isses that had a negative impact on the site.

The Results:

After 12 months of consistent growth we finally tripled the organic sales for Quickbox. In the screenshot below taken from Google Analytics you can see the results:

As you can see in Feb 2023 we had sold an extra 200% or 300% growth, new users are up 55% and transactions are up 214%!

Looking for the same results?

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